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Football Rose Christmas Ornament with Gift Box

Football Rose Christmas Ornament with Gift Box

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Share your passion for football with your friends and family this holiday season with our new Football Rose Christmas Ornament.

These football holiday creations are designed with our handmade Football Rose combined with artificial holly and red berries.

Hand the Football Rose ornament on your Christmas tree to express your passion for the game. The attractive holiday gift packaging completes a unique and thoughtful gift for any football fan, athlete, coach, cheerleader or team mom that lasts forever.

Football Rose Christmas Ornament includes:

  • 1 Football Rosebud - Everlasting blooms with petals made from genuine football covers and laces hand-stitched onto one side of the rose (actual size may vary)
  • Artificial holly and red berries
  • 1/2 yard of 3/8" white football ribbon
  • Clear plastic gift box with 7/8" grosgrain football ribbon and holiday embellishment
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